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2018, 24 and three months and one day late

Posted by dawarnerbros on April 5, 2018 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, well.

So eh, that didn't pan out did it? Almost as if I forgot. So maybe not something that'll be a tradition per se but I'll try at around the beginning of each new year to do some sort of update. Okay so 2017, what do I have to say about it, well....


Ehem. So with that subtle introduction, this is one awesome Card Game! I started around this time last year and haven't been able to put the game down, hell it even got me out to the local tournaments which have been very enjoyable, espeically the drafts for new Opus Releases (which sadly haven't been so frequent with the new releases) but anyway, It's a great game, please support it, please help me stop spending so much money on it and don't forget to pay your bills.

Beyond that I sadly don't have much to say about last year at this point, it certainly happend and I did some fun stuff mostly away from the computer for once but not so much content, streaming or, well, much of anything for that matter - OH wait actually I should also mention...

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

Oh yes, the second expansion to the only MMO that's had a strangle hold on me longer than World of Warcraft. Guild Wars 2's second expansion was a hoot! The story was pretty epic at points and certianly took some very interesting twists and turns but personally fell a little short of my hopes were sheer amount of story was concerned. It was good, not great and what's sadder is a find little bother to return even for Achievements (Although I definetly will!)

Calling it now, next expansion is Steve, giant underwater combat rework for a giant underwater expansion! Fingers crossed.

Plans for 2018

So this section makes me a little sad, mainly because I genuinly don't have any outlandish or over ambitious promises to make, quite the change I know. My ambitions to create a video game of some sort is still there but the reality of such a feat has settled in better, it sucks but hey-ho that's the way things go, at the end of the day creating good content of any form takes a good amount of grind and commitment and frankly the grind and commitment needed for video games particular is, erm. HEFTY.

Now video production, streaming and a bit of art or music here and there is definetly achievable for me albeit not all at once. So, that's the plan for the year. I know, I know! Hardly the Everest sized challanges I've foolishly decided to set myself in the past, something bite-sized and managable alongside full time work? Craziness!

As a side note, stuff like New N' Tasty, Murdered and L.O.R are things I'll continue to push out however they'll be sparse and less schedualed, as I've posted previously, stressing myself out to reach an audiance that isn't there is not such a great idea - I also want to finally finish that damn 4by3G review I've had in the works for literally three years now, it is not good enough to been stewing for so long and frankly I feel as if I'm going to completly re-write the script into something less AVGN/JonTron esc and try to find something more my own style, if possible. It'd be such a waste to throw away all that gameplay footage.

Okay, so that's enough of my rambling nonsense for another year.

(Really wanna make the 3rd/4th Series of Kvasir Heist Squad... might need to get the old team back together or perhaps some new blood?)

2017 and 23

Posted by dawarnerbros on January 5, 2017 at 6:55 AM Comments comments (0)

I suppose this is something I might do as a little tradition for myself as it's fun to look back on these inperticuler.

A year later and essentially nothing has changed, I tried (and failed) to go back to Murdered: Soul Suspect but due to a bad mix of just getting stuck and my commentary being rather shite my interest dropped and it fell by the way-side. New N' Tasty is something I've slightly re-visited on the PS4 and Vita but I really found it just as bad and the prospect of getting all the way back to where I was on PC was painful, long story short I'll continue both of these games and hopefully finish a damn LP for once but I'm not going to rush myself, not like there is an audiance holding their breath so I figure I may as well pace myself.

I was working pretty hard on a new 4by3Gaming video, it took me far, FAR to long to finally sit down, finish the game and then script it all. So I have a finished script, I have all the footage (at least of the game, no/little Live Action footage) and a whole lot of editting to do as well assuming I get that Live Action footage filmed. I'm kind of thinking to myself that it hasn't turned out the way I was hoping which (among other more lazy reasons) has been holding me back from pushing forward with filming. Down the rabbit hole.

On top of all that I can only see myself working MORE in this new year, that's why most of the stuff I've done it live streamed - not editing required just sit down and play, have fun and boom its all up and ready for thumbnails and the like (It's bloody fantastic and sure as hell beats listening to my own voice for an hour editing a twenty minute LP) but I'll talk more about that in this next bit.

Looking back at 2016!

Well shiiiiiiiiiiiiite, 2016 was pretty good for me personally (and an awful year for the world over) I mean I didn't get to really make much but it has been a welcome respite in a way, as I mentioned in last years Birthday/New Year post it's really easy to feel burnt out when creating content, especially when you're a moron like me and try to push out two LP's and something like Kvasir Hiest Squad, while playing AND editing every second of it all and that fatigue seemed to last a long ol' time as my enthusiasm for creating videos kind of nose-dived in 2016, I've had idea's sure and alot of them I've partially created in this time, hell some of it I've finished and just not released, but a majority of my content for the year was streamed.

So to explain, in 2015 I really went headlong into creating video's, now there had been bouts in previous years but this time was different, in hindsight I think I was burying myself into lots of work to fill a rather large hole in my personal life and to be honest I probably just ended up stressing myself out, making silly deadlines for video's that only me and my friends really watch but ultimatly putting my mind to use rather than sitting and stewing on bad feelings. Maybe not the healthiest approach, especially when I was pumping out video's that I wasn't that happy with or even if I was finding the editing to be a chore, but alas that's how it went down, so when 2016 rolled around and I'd had a good amount of time to dig myself out of that hole, I decided it was easier to chill and just go at my own pace.

Oh yeah and I went from like a normal of 25hr week to a 35hr week over the course of last year so that definetly took it's toll on my bother to make content, free time becomes quite the commodity when you suddenly find yourself at work most everyday. (Skills to pay the bills folks)

So in retrospect it's been a fairly relaxed year for me, at least outside of work and I've had some good times playing Guild Wars 2, Overwatch, FINAL FANTASY 15 WHICH WAS FU- alright, I'll save my gushing praise for a L.O.R I think but phew! It was a stinker like FF13, thank bloody chirst.

(PS 23 is lame and not really that important of an age, nor was 22 but it has that shitty Taylor Swift song so... I dunno, so I guess birthdays really stop being that big a deal past 21)

Brexit Wins

Posted by dawarnerbros on June 24, 2016 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Well, look at that.

UK Leaving the EU, pretty intense night to start with but around half three in the morning Leave started blitzing Remain - it was pretty fucking epic.

Also getting there with 4by3G review... its a big one.

A New Year (And another Birthday)

Posted by dawarnerbros on January 5, 2016 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

So today is my twenty second birthday and also the fifth day of the the new year!

Hmm, basically - got plenty of stuff that is at least conceptually ready for creatin' but getting people together to do it is the real issue other than that I've felt burnt out on the Let's Play's but I'll try to continue them (I've even been tempted to pick up New N' Tasty on the PS Store as I've grown incredibly frustrated with it on PC but alas... I'm to pissed with the game to give JAW more money) So they'll be content in 2016 but as for things other than videos I'm really not sure, my schedual went out the window the moment I moved and as I fell out of the rut of things I decided I really couldn't be assed to keep churning them out and I'll start to take it at a slower pace from now on.

But this is probably also a good time to look back at 2015...

It was a bit shite, not gunna lie - my content improved in quality and quantity plus I had a lot of fun recording and editing the videos with friends/family. I moved out of home and into my first flat, admitiedly with my brother but it's something and that has been mostly good but as for most other personal stuff, it's all been a bit of a mess starting from the end of 2014 leading right up to 2016 - BUT things are looking up for 2016 and I'm hoping it'll be a good year, fingers crossed anyway.

So overall not a horrible year by technicallity but certainly not my favourite.

So much to do, so little time!

Posted by dawarnerbros on October 16, 2015 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)

So, I've not made one of these for a while now and that is for two reasons, one I've been pre-occupied moving and getting setteled in here and two because I'm being pretty lazy!

Its been around a month and a half since I moved and I've been pretty much set up to edit videos and work on my other stuff for a while now and yet I've just not had the time or bother, I've been working a lot of more than I otherwise was and its getting harder to find a good time to sit down and bash out a few videos or other content, despite this I have got a lot of things planned or already recorded that I am going to be working on over the next couple months prior to the new year BUT I've also got about a million new games to play as well... ah free time where did you go?

Anyway, in the coming months they'll be more content for Youtube on both my main channel and 4by3G so that's coolio, plus more Kvasir Heist Squad!


Muh Heatsink

Posted by dawarnerbros on June 16, 2015 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Well my stock CPU Cooler is buggering up... I think so I've bought a new one and I can't really game at all on this PC without it getting pretty damn hot so gotta play the waiting game now.

In other news... not much - just keeping the videos regulary chugging along and such...

Background work

Posted by dawarnerbros on March 31, 2015 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (0)

So as the title suggests I'm doing a lot of work that mostly won't be seen on planning out how one of the two (yes I know what a leap from no games at all) that I want to create.

As posted previously I'm using RPG Maker XP as it came more highly recommended for proffesional creation of games (although I'm starting to doubt that rather seriously unless XP is more open than VX/VXA?) either way I'm happy with the engine and I'm getting to better grips with it granted sometimes the simplist of things can take a lot of time due to it being rather old, lighting for example is a pain but mostly managable.

As of writing this I have a very good idea of where one of the two games will go and actually a lot of the mapping for it is done although with the default sprites which I would like to change out for something else be it my own or somebody elses, which ever I can get really.

What of my Youtube videos? well I'll continue to edit and upload those on the (fairly regular?) basis as before so they've only really taking somewhat of a backseat to making progress with the game and frankly I bounch between projects like crazy anyway so it should all be pretty much the same! oh and the games need some art so I'll be drawing some character portraits which means a little bit more content for my DeviantArt account or maybe I should make a TCD profile? not sure we'll see what happens with that.

Video editing problems FIXED!

Posted by dawarnerbros on March 2, 2015 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (0)

I've had some issues with my Shadowplay recordings going out of sync, this is actually to do with the video editing software and also a little to do with me doing long recordings at 60FPS and higher.

So first things first, I want to be putting out higher quality videos and the only way I can really improve them at this point is by going up from my usual 30FPS to 60FPS videos which as of recently I've been putting out - NOW doesn't seem like a problem does it? well it sadly is because when recording with Shadowplay at or above 60FPS it actually also takes into account the higher spikes of FPS while recording for example New 'N Tasty is actually running at between 90-120FPS and so the file also uses these spikes of frame rate.

Shouldn't really be a big problem but sadly almost all video editing software just does not like variable frame rates, they only really like working with a video that stays consistant and it is much, much easier to keep the frame rate consistant when it is locked to 30, as it will rarley if ever drop below 30 and obviously it can go no higher thus a more consistant frame rate even while the file itself allows variable frame rates. So that explains why this is only now an issue for me but I did some googling and I've found a mostly good solution and thankfully its a free one.

Handbreak, great little piece of software that is easily able to convert a video file with a variable frame-rate to a conistant one without losing almost any of the visual fadelity of the original file, unless you set it to at least. So now there is a new problem, Magix (my video editing software) is having a lot of trouble loading this file while editing, it takes forever to preview and I can't jump around smoothly anymore on the video track, something that was buttery-smooth using the untouched Shadowplay files (ironically). I'm sure if you've ever edited videos you will know that the worst possible thing to abstruct your progress is this very issue not to mention just being something that will demoralise and frustrate you to no end.

SO FINALLY, I decided to mess around with Handbreak and hopefully find a good medium - because to be fair if I had to stick with either issue it would easily of added hours to every video editing session, I'm glad to say I found a suitable setting it is no where near as quick or smooth as editing raw Shadowplay files but it is a far cry from editing the lossless converted files from Handbreak.

And that's all I really have to say about that... except NEVER bother using the lossless setting in Handbreak, the file size is larger than the source and is also probably always slower to edit.

Back on track

Posted by dawarnerbros on February 20, 2015 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Well, my illness has finally buggered off and I'm feeling far, far better than I was - so I've been working on content again seeing as I've settled back in from my holiday and I've gotten better!

So I've got a big batch of new Murdered: Soul Suspect videos to pump out over the next while and I've been working a little bit at a time on the game I want to make - I've managed to scale back what I want to create to be something managable but maybe still interesting to people (hopefully) but sadly as of yet I'm mostly just getting the world and lore setup, making sure it all makes sense to me and everybody else.

We'll see how progress goes with the game but I expect it to be horribly, horribly slow because my pitiful attention span.

Back from Holiday

Posted by dawarnerbros on February 10, 2015 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Nothing to update really, as with most I've spent the last two months getting over Christmas/New year and so on but more recently I've spent the last week getting over flu or fever that I caught on the tail-end of my holiday, still had a good time but christ what a horrible illness!

Anyway, I'm probably going to get cracking on more MSS lets play videos seeing as I don't feel much like doing other things right at this moment... oh and Dying Light is fun!