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About DAWB (Dark Animation Warner Bros)

Well DAWB as goofy as the name is started out as just Dark Animation, as for what exact year I made the original Freewebs (now just Webs) site I can't say, it could of been anywhere between 2000 to 2003 but I'd put money on it being 2003 as I used an old (now dead) e-mail address called DarkAnimation2003 to start up even this site originally.

So as I said before we used to just be 'Dark Animation' way back when and because I was only young I really had no idea what to animate with, all I knew was that I wanted to create animation - which I'm almost certain came with the discovery of Newgrounds but I had no software to animate with. I have to say I admire my own ingenuity in solving this problem because it is basically the oddest way to go about making animation I could think of. Around that time (we are assuming probably 2002/2003) my older brothers friend had shown me some free trial software for creating basic games, something I was never really successful (but I'm working on it now) and within this software there was a tool for creating or importing sprites. Being the inquisitive youth I was I messed around with the sprite tool and found it to be very good for making small, looping GIF files, so it wasn't exactly what I wanted to create but it was the closest I would get for some time.

Dark Animation never saw a .swf file, to my knowledge and it didn't really last to long before this website was created - the reason for the change was my brother being somewhat invested in also making the small GIF loops which are all sadly lost to time now as the domain DarkAnimation was quickly scooped up by somebody else and changed entirely.

So the history of DAWB from there onward's is very straight forward, I got a hold of a lot of trials of Adobe Flash and managed to make animations within those times - uploading it to Newgrounds and getting baffled and annoyed at how none of my animations remained on the website (something that in hindsight is more obvious to me) also my brother lost a lot of interest and dropped out of creating things very early on, sadly making the name pretty redundant.

So we come to now, a decade and a bit later on. I plan to try and make some more animation and to put some real time and effort into it this time but over the years my interest in the content I want to create has swayed back and forth and has really come full circle recently - so who knows? I may finish something eventually. 

(but probably not ;0)

About Me

Oh lord, what to say? well nothing actually just yet! I'll update this when I have the time and bother to.