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A New Year (And another Birthday)

Posted by dawarnerbros on January 5, 2016 at 1:45 PM

So today is my twenty second birthday and also the fifth day of the the new year!

Hmm, basically - got plenty of stuff that is at least conceptually ready for creatin' but getting people together to do it is the real issue other than that I've felt burnt out on the Let's Play's but I'll try to continue them (I've even been tempted to pick up New N' Tasty on the PS Store as I've grown incredibly frustrated with it on PC but alas... I'm to pissed with the game to give JAW more money) So they'll be content in 2016 but as for things other than videos I'm really not sure, my schedual went out the window the moment I moved and as I fell out of the rut of things I decided I really couldn't be assed to keep churning them out and I'll start to take it at a slower pace from now on.

But this is probably also a good time to look back at 2015...

It was a bit shite, not gunna lie - my content improved in quality and quantity plus I had a lot of fun recording and editing the videos with friends/family. I moved out of home and into my first flat, admitiedly with my brother but it's something and that has been mostly good but as for most other personal stuff, it's all been a bit of a mess starting from the end of 2014 leading right up to 2016 - BUT things are looking up for 2016 and I'm hoping it'll be a good year, fingers crossed anyway.

So overall not a horrible year by technicallity but certainly not my favourite.

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