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2018, 24 and three months and one day late

Posted by dawarnerbros on April 5, 2018 at 8:00 PM

Well, well.

So eh, that didn't pan out did it? Almost as if I forgot. So maybe not something that'll be a tradition per se but I'll try at around the beginning of each new year to do some sort of update. Okay so 2017, what do I have to say about it, well....


Ehem. So with that subtle introduction, this is one awesome Card Game! I started around this time last year and haven't been able to put the game down, hell it even got me out to the local tournaments which have been very enjoyable, espeically the drafts for new Opus Releases (which sadly haven't been so frequent with the new releases) but anyway, It's a great game, please support it, please help me stop spending so much money on it and don't forget to pay your bills.

Beyond that I sadly don't have much to say about last year at this point, it certainly happend and I did some fun stuff mostly away from the computer for once but not so much content, streaming or, well, much of anything for that matter - OH wait actually I should also mention...

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

Oh yes, the second expansion to the only MMO that's had a strangle hold on me longer than World of Warcraft. Guild Wars 2's second expansion was a hoot! The story was pretty epic at points and certianly took some very interesting twists and turns but personally fell a little short of my hopes were sheer amount of story was concerned. It was good, not great and what's sadder is a find little bother to return even for Achievements (Although I definetly will!)

Calling it now, next expansion is Steve, giant underwater combat rework for a giant underwater expansion! Fingers crossed.

Plans for 2018

So this section makes me a little sad, mainly because I genuinly don't have any outlandish or over ambitious promises to make, quite the change I know. My ambitions to create a video game of some sort is still there but the reality of such a feat has settled in better, it sucks but hey-ho that's the way things go, at the end of the day creating good content of any form takes a good amount of grind and commitment and frankly the grind and commitment needed for video games particular is, erm. HEFTY.

Now video production, streaming and a bit of art or music here and there is definetly achievable for me albeit not all at once. So, that's the plan for the year. I know, I know! Hardly the Everest sized challanges I've foolishly decided to set myself in the past, something bite-sized and managable alongside full time work? Craziness!

As a side note, stuff like New N' Tasty, Murdered and L.O.R are things I'll continue to push out however they'll be sparse and less schedualed, as I've posted previously, stressing myself out to reach an audiance that isn't there is not such a great idea - I also want to finally finish that damn 4by3G review I've had in the works for literally three years now, it is not good enough to been stewing for so long and frankly I feel as if I'm going to completly re-write the script into something less AVGN/JonTron esc and try to find something more my own style, if possible. It'd be such a waste to throw away all that gameplay footage.

Okay, so that's enough of my rambling nonsense for another year.

(Really wanna make the 3rd/4th Series of Kvasir Heist Squad... might need to get the old team back together or perhaps some new blood?)

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