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Posted by dawarnerbros on March 31, 2015 at 9:40 AM

So as the title suggests I'm doing a lot of work that mostly won't be seen on planning out how one of the two (yes I know what a leap from no games at all) that I want to create.

As posted previously I'm using RPG Maker XP as it came more highly recommended for proffesional creation of games (although I'm starting to doubt that rather seriously unless XP is more open than VX/VXA?) either way I'm happy with the engine and I'm getting to better grips with it granted sometimes the simplist of things can take a lot of time due to it being rather old, lighting for example is a pain but mostly managable.

As of writing this I have a very good idea of where one of the two games will go and actually a lot of the mapping for it is done although with the default sprites which I would like to change out for something else be it my own or somebody elses, which ever I can get really.

What of my Youtube videos? well I'll continue to edit and upload those on the (fairly regular?) basis as before so they've only really taking somewhat of a backseat to making progress with the game and frankly I bounch between projects like crazy anyway so it should all be pretty much the same! oh and the games need some art so I'll be drawing some character portraits which means a little bit more content for my DeviantArt account or maybe I should make a TCD profile? not sure we'll see what happens with that.

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