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Video editing problems FIXED!

Posted by dawarnerbros on March 2, 2015 at 8:30 AM

I've had some issues with my Shadowplay recordings going out of sync, this is actually to do with the video editing software and also a little to do with me doing long recordings at 60FPS and higher.

So first things first, I want to be putting out higher quality videos and the only way I can really improve them at this point is by going up from my usual 30FPS to 60FPS videos which as of recently I've been putting out - NOW doesn't seem like a problem does it? well it sadly is because when recording with Shadowplay at or above 60FPS it actually also takes into account the higher spikes of FPS while recording for example New 'N Tasty is actually running at between 90-120FPS and so the file also uses these spikes of frame rate.

Shouldn't really be a big problem but sadly almost all video editing software just does not like variable frame rates, they only really like working with a video that stays consistant and it is much, much easier to keep the frame rate consistant when it is locked to 30, as it will rarley if ever drop below 30 and obviously it can go no higher thus a more consistant frame rate even while the file itself allows variable frame rates. So that explains why this is only now an issue for me but I did some googling and I've found a mostly good solution and thankfully its a free one.

Handbreak, great little piece of software that is easily able to convert a video file with a variable frame-rate to a conistant one without losing almost any of the visual fadelity of the original file, unless you set it to at least. So now there is a new problem, Magix (my video editing software) is having a lot of trouble loading this file while editing, it takes forever to preview and I can't jump around smoothly anymore on the video track, something that was buttery-smooth using the untouched Shadowplay files (ironically). I'm sure if you've ever edited videos you will know that the worst possible thing to abstruct your progress is this very issue not to mention just being something that will demoralise and frustrate you to no end.

SO FINALLY, I decided to mess around with Handbreak and hopefully find a good medium - because to be fair if I had to stick with either issue it would easily of added hours to every video editing session, I'm glad to say I found a suitable setting it is no where near as quick or smooth as editing raw Shadowplay files but it is a far cry from editing the lossless converted files from Handbreak.

And that's all I really have to say about that... except NEVER bother using the lossless setting in Handbreak, the file size is larger than the source and is also probably always slower to edit.

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