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Posted by dawarnerbros on January 1, 2015 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone and happy new year!

Well, I'm happy with what I've managed just on the tail end of 2014 and I hope everyone else has had a good year!

So my plans for 2015 really are mostly just to continue what I have been doing, so the LP of Murdered and maybe some more "Farming For...." videos but as well ast hat I've decided to try and actually make another game again! I mean no promises... ehem.

But seriously I've got lots of ideas for what kind of game/story I've wanted to make for at least a couple years now - it's taken a lot of time but I think (at least I hope) I've found the software I want to use and more importantly can actually use.

So let's see what develops in the new year but for now, have a good one everyone.

(Oh and Blackmage is done but without colour!)

Re-drawing the Black Mage (Update 3)

Posted by dawarnerbros on December 4, 2014 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Well I had a short holiday and feel rather refreshed, I started a few things prior and have only really gotten round to starting them again now which means things have been going a little slower than I'd of liked but that's fine.

As I mentioned in one of the last two of these I wanted to try and do an animation again and the one I'd chosen is something that is quite time consuming to make because I want to put a lot of detail in so I'm holding back on working with that at the moment, it may move onto something else I'm drawing as it would (possibly/probably) be easier to make some little animations around.

SO! I'm re-drawing a little sketch I did of the Black Mage from the Final Fantasy series a couple years ago because... I dunno I just kind of wanted to and I found setting to draw with in Flash that I like now so it should look better than the previous things I've uploaded to DA using the Tablet.

Other than that the Murdered: Soul Suspect lets play will continue to be uploaded and I'm planning a treat at somepoint, maybe Christmas? But I dunno and I should have some more L.O.R videos out soon as well!]

So thats it for now, so to anybody reading have a good Christmas or good holiday.