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Re-drawing the Black Mage (Update 3)

Posted by dawarnerbros on December 4, 2014 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Well I had a short holiday and feel rather refreshed, I started a few things prior and have only really gotten round to starting them again now which means things have been going a little slower than I'd of liked but that's fine.

As I mentioned in one of the last two of these I wanted to try and do an animation again and the one I'd chosen is something that is quite time consuming to make because I want to put a lot of detail in so I'm holding back on working with that at the moment, it may move onto something else I'm drawing as it would (possibly/probably) be easier to make some little animations around.

SO! I'm re-drawing a little sketch I did of the Black Mage from the Final Fantasy series a couple years ago because... I dunno I just kind of wanted to and I found setting to draw with in Flash that I like now so it should look better than the previous things I've uploaded to DA using the Tablet.

Other than that the Murdered: Soul Suspect lets play will continue to be uploaded and I'm planning a treat at somepoint, maybe Christmas? But I dunno and I should have some more L.O.R videos out soon as well!]

So thats it for now, so to anybody reading have a good Christmas or good holiday.

Lots of Ideas floating about (Update 2)

Posted by dawarnerbros on November 1, 2014 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Why hello there.

So its been a few days since I updated the website and all that stuff and I'm very happy with where its at, despite using one of the default backgrounds the site is looking pretty snazzy (what kind of website of mine would it be if I didn't used a custom background though?)

So anyway on to the point of this post, I have a good amount of games I want to make L.O.R videos for and seeing as I created that series so I could give (as the title suggests) compact reviews I should be able to pump those out pretty regulary - the only thing that'll take some time is recording footage but I do have a method to do so even on consoles, it's just a shame that it is a very 360p method... I will work around this as best as I can however! So those'll be the bulk of the content I produce in the coming weeks but I am also working on a few other things that arn't youtube/video related as well but I'll talk about that another time when said content is closer to being finished or at least presentable, the reason? well you may have noticed I have a nasty habbit of decided I'm going to make something and either never starting it or never finishing it.

Right also the reason this is in the World of Warcraft categorie (as well as update/youtube) is because I am planning on making another WoW based video! I am actually playing it again after a two and half year hiatus (Goooooodbyeeee Paandaariiiiaaaa~~~~;) and I'm really looking forward to what Warlords has to offer!

Anywho as I've not had much to do in the last month or so on WoW I've mostly been reputation farming (which is a thing I like to do, I don't even know why...) and as such I was doing a lot of Molten Core, I'm gunna speed this one up though - I got the two halves of the thingy that make Thunderfury, first of it's name, true king of the seven kingdoms, father of two handed swords and bullshitter of the west AND I decided to go along and get it.

Turns out it really isn't that hard, especially now-a-days when you can just easily get 20K gold from farming old raids, so I decided I would make a summarised guide for all you lovley folks! Expect that soonish...

That's all for now.

Oh wait no, creating a game has gone on the back burner for the time being... opps?

Back again, again. (Update 1)

Posted by dawarnerbros on October 28, 2014 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)


Ah this old website, it means a lot to me as whoevers reading this can probably tell as I actually bothered to put some time back into it and renew the website entirerly using the new Webs 3.0 edior! Sadly because of the new edior I can't use that very anceint freewebs theme which sucks but oh well - its time for change.

So currently I'm not working on to much, I want to try and make a small somewhat detailed animation loop for my deviantart account but I'm not sure how happy I am with it in its current state - we'll see.

Apart from that my most recent content is all Youtube videos (granted not that recent) alot of it surronded Guild Wars 2 in it's beta weekends, I've wanted to continue that series into the release but now it has bene two years since the game came out I feel a lot of what that series offered is fairly redundent, the game is a lot better at explaining itself now.

Lastly I've tried for years to develop a game of any sort but had problems when it came to coding or learning software to do so but in the last while I've envored to learn some Java and I will be attempting to create something very, VERY simple.

So that's that.